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It’s an easy fix to customise the blurb module in Divi

By default the gap between the image or the icon and the title is quite big. Too big in my opinion for most uses. So I pretty much always need to customise the blurb module. The module looks pretty gappy if you have a relatively small text size for the title. Luckily, we can easily tighten this with very little effort right on the page with a little line of CSS.

The following code needs to be added to the advanced setting of the burble module.

Click on the cog of the blurb module.

In the Module Settings box head to the Advanced tab.

Click on Custom CSS.

Scroll down the windows until you see the Blurb Image field and type in the code shown below or copy…

margin-bottom: 10px

blurb edits css

And that’s it.
Save by clicking the green tick to save your changes. Then save the page and check it out on the front end.


I always work with a second window of the page I am working on in the front end. Then I can just head to that page and refresh the page to see if the changes are as I’d like them to look.

Working this way means that I don’t have to exit and enter the page over and over again. Give it a try.

We used custom CSS code to customise the blurb module spacing on the following site:

Eftpos Now

More tips on how to customise the Blurb module

If you have any queries regarding the Blurb module or any other modules feel free to get in touch with the team at Woodswork Web.

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