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What is SEO?

Our SEO services Auckland wide help businesses work on increasing each company’s organic search ranking. What is that?

When a search engine, such as Google, returns your search results, it gives you two types: organic and paid. Organic search results, or “natural” search results, are web page listings that most closely match your search query based on relevance. Paid results are basically advertisements: web site owners have paid to have their web pages display for certain keywords. Depending on the keywords, this can be cost inhibitive. 

That’s why ranking high in the organic results is so important, it’s free, and that is what SEO is all about. 

SEO & Copywriting

Well-written web content with keywords in the right places are the key ingredients to improving your site’s Google ranking. 

Blog Content Creation

When you post new, quality content on your website it is indexed on search engines. Google sees your site as being up to date and drives organic traffic to your website.

Off Page SEO

Search engines like Google like to see backlinks to your site from quality external sites. Ask us about these services that help drive traffic your way.

Quality content is important

Whether you already have a website and you want to increase traffic, or are looking to revamp your existing website, or you’re building a brand new website, we can help. We’ll work with you to build the foundations of a great online presence for your business.

Using sound SEO techniques we aim for more customers to find your business within your geographic area. How?

First and foremost, SEO is all about quality content. The best thing you can do for your business’ website is to have useful, information-rich pages that clearly and accurately describe what it is you do. Google analyses your site content base on where and how often you use certain words in each piece of content, and whether it makes sense.

You also need to create fresh content regularly and take the time to create a strong internal linking strategy to help boost your SEO.

We’ll write keyword-rich content and match keywords to what users are searching for. Each web page on your site needs to have a unique focus keyword. We’ll find out which relevant search terms have the most traffic and hold the highest conversion potential.

Targeting specific areas

One of the advantages of the internet is the ability to reach a wide audience virtually instantly. With this access comes greater competition; you are not only competing against local companies but the entire industry online. Therefore other companies are using the same keywords to target the same audience as you are. That means we won’t always aim for the really popular keywords.

High trafficked keywords are very competitive and so are difficult to rank with on Google; it is questionable as to how effective they will be in marketing your site online.

Links to Your Site

Google displays web pages in their search results based on the authority and relevance of the page. After we have completed all the on-page optimisation, we will begin building backlinks to your website. Google measures authority by the number of links pointing to that page and how trustworthy those links are.

Directory Listings

These can be useful to create backlinks to your website as they are great for local SEO. Adding your business details to good quality reputable directories can help your external linking opportunities.

We can do this for you or provide you with a list so that you can submit them yourself.

Keywords to Find Your Business

A keyword can be one word or a phrase. Most keywords are actually three to five word phrases and referred to as “long-tail keywords”. They’re more specific and usually less competitive. Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences and will often get the highest conversion rate. As people get more specific in their searching they are probably more ready to buy or pick up the phone. We will look at using long-tail keywords, and where relevant, location-based keywords for your target marketing area. If you’re based in Auckland, the North Shore, Orewa, Warkworth or Matakana, we’ll use these terms in our keywords.

We then weave those keywords throughout your website, both where you can see it and also in the metatags. We’ll also include elements such as headings to match the keywords, making it easy for Google, and humans, to understand what your webpages are about.

We offer SEO services Auckland wide.

SEO services Auckland companys need and ongoing support you’ll love

Standing out in the crowded marketplace is what SEO is all about. Consistent ongoing SEO helps you maintain your position in the rankings, ensuring you are consistently seen by potential customers. SEO campaigns are long-term solutions: more time that passes the greater the results.

As part of our long-term SEO package we will add new persuasive pages about your business and the products or services you provide. These will include target keywords that are relevant to your industry and location.

off page seo

Let us build your online presence.

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