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Edits, Hosting & Maintenance

Website changes or edits

This applies to most current WordPress themes

If making changes to the content on your current website is overwhelming you, we can help. Woodswork can make any changes you need and even add to your WooCommerce products!

We have various pricing bands. Edit pricing depends on whether we built your site, host it, and maintain it. Maintenance refers to updates to the WordPress core, themes, plugins and security.

Clients we host and maintain are our priority clients and have the cheapest editing rate. Their edits are also first in the schedule.

Please note that a minimum 30-minute charge applies per website per set of changes. In some cases, the minimum is 1 hour.

We are happy to inherit websites we haven’t built most of the time, subject to an investigation of your website’s condition and maintenance requirements.
If our developer is required, that time will be quoted and charged accordingly. Take a look at our edits pricing.

Get in touch with us and talk to us about making updates easy.

website updates and maintenance Auckland
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Website updates and maintenance Auckland

Maintenance of WordPress

Maintaining a WordPress website yourself can be a time consuming and nerve-wracking process. Maintenance is often ignored because it can be problematic. However, updates are essential for the security and performance of your website.

We can easily carry out website updates and maintenance for you Auckland wide and even throughout the country. All we need is access to the admin area of your WordPress site.

Updates are often the primary maintenance issue on a site, and they need to be carried out regularly on the WordPress core, plugins and themes. Other elements also required are backups, database optimisation, security setup and monitoring. These elements all ensure a site stays stable and secure, and Woodswork has several options to make this process less stressful for you.

Get in touch and talk to us about making maintenance and updates easy.

Maintenance and update services we cover

WordPress updates

Security issues are minimised by doing WordPress updates and, as a result, protecting your website from vulnerabilities.

Plugin updates

Plugin updates are carried out for various reasons. These reasons include compatibility with updated WordPress versions, performance and security.

Theme updates

Updating the theme of your website is very important because the theme creators often make regular edits to introduce new features or fix bugs. Some rollouts are minor, and some are significant, more extensive theme changes. As a result, updating the theme is another aspect important to your website’s security and performance.


Security includes preventative measures and monitoring. These measures reduce the risk of known threats and identify potential attacks.


Backups are done to recover your website if an update causes problems, or the site is compromised.


Our hosting options and why we recommend a maintenance service

Regular maintenance enables your website to operate at an optimal level, and the necessary level of service varies on the type of website and frequency of changes made. Requirements also depend on how important your website is to running your business. For instance, an online store or site that takes bookings can’t afford to have any downtime.

It’s important to note that the hosting environment also makes a significant difference to the performance and security of your website. At Woodswork, we use WP Engine for our websites because they are the best managed platform in WordPress. We won’t compromise on the hosting of your website, and neither should you. We explain why in our article on the importance of quality hosting.

*Hosting is paid in advance. In a new build, 50% in each of the Phase 1 & 2 invoices. Or you can arrange a monthly automatic payment.
In an inherited website, hosting is paid in advance of the website transfer. Website transfer may incur costs.

Let us update & maintain your online presence.

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