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Troy and Kathy from Mountain Country asked Woodswork Web to do a site redesign and rebuild for them.

Mountain Country sells merino possum knitwear crafted in Aotearoa New Zealand

Mountain Country makes garments of incredible comfort and enduring quality from a uniquely Kiwi product: a possum fibre and merino wool blend. Their adventure and luxury wear is lightweight, durable, crease and odour-resistant and looks great while keeping you toasty warm and dry.

Even better, by wearing Mountain Country’s merino possum garments you’ll be doing the New Zealand environment a favour. Brushtail possums, whose population has reached staggering proportions, are an introduced pest and are decimating NZ’s fragile flora and fauna. By choosing to wear possum merino knitwear, you’ll be part of the environmental solution.

Mountains Country’s clothing designs are inspired by New Zealand’s astonishing natural beauty. From the sparkling beaches of the north to expansive stations and spectacular mountain ranges of the South Island, Mountains Country draw inspiration from New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes.

And we followed suit

We were able to use some stunning stock photography while keeping a muted palette – much like the browns and purples of Central Otago.

An e-commerce site, Mountain country supplied the images for the men’s, women’s and adventure outdoor products they sell.

We supplied the SEO-friendly web copy and particularly enjoyed being able to write about the environmental aspect of their garments. A merino possum wool blend is an environmentally sound choice. Possum merino clothing was developed as a by-product of the possum control programme. Wearing Mountain Country’s possum knitwear gives you the opportunity to help with the fight to preserve New Zealand’s fragile ecosystems.

Being so happy with the end result, Troy and Kathy asked the Woodswork team to create a second website for their core business.

web design for New Zealand

NZ Knit Co is a local manufacturer of high-quality knitwear

Thanks to their old-fashioned values of quality and service, NZ Knit Co. consistently produces perfectly crafted clothing and accessories. They have built long-lasting relationships with schools and wholesale customers since they began manufacturing in the 1990s.

NZ Knit Co. creates totally New Zealand-made garments they are extremely proud of. They manufacture to order so they asked us to create a site that showcased their products and made it easier for NZ schools, clubs, sports teams, and businesses to contact them.

Sticking with their branding and colours in their logo, we used a palette of greens, greys and blacks.

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