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Client Case Study

Tyler Wren Career experts – The NZ recruitment agency placing professionals across Australia and New Zealand

Stand-out recruiters, Tyler Wren specialise in design and build, accounting, legal, insurance, financial services, risk and compliance.

Being specialists and focusing on particular niche industries gives Tyler Wren an edge. They are an in-demand recruitment agency actively sourcing and recruiting the best local talent as well as candidates from the Northern Hemisphere to come and work and live in New Zealand and Australia.

Tyler Wren provides new employees with advice on work and job opportunities as well as full support. They provide social mentors to help with schools, social clubs, housing, health, and financial services to give peace of mind and make the physical move to new jobs as smooth and effortless as possible for their clients.

Providing support is a huge part of what Tyler Wren does. However, they were not getting timely website support services from their previous web development and hosting provider. 

The challenge: a lack of support was affecting their story

A website’s story is just as important as the functionality and services being offered. By specialising in particular industries, Tyler Wren stands out from the current competition. Tyler Wren gets results and likes being able to show their clients they are doing so.

But a poorly maintained and optimised site was standing in their way.

Ongoing maintenance and timely support

For Tyler Wren, the quality of website support services they were receiving was the straw that broke the camel’s back, or in their case their web support and hosting agreement.

Results for Tyler Wren are about user experience, both face-to-face and across all digital platforms.

Job seekers tend to be more active in their downtime – over holidays particularly. So, the last thing a recruitment firm wants is a site that goes down over the holidays due to a lack of maintenance and a web support company that won’t offer any. 

This is what happened to Tyler Wren, so they reached out to us over the Christmas period. We were able to resolve the update issues and get the site healthy and back online quickly so job seekers on holidays could get back to changing their lives.


Clare … has always responded quickly to our changes and needs. We would not change our provider based on our relationship with her.
Lisa Gray, Founder & Partner, Tyler Wren

Ongoing website support services – the journey to results

Tyler Wren has selected Woodswork to provide their expertise and ongoing development, hosting, maintenance and website support services.

The first thing we did was run full reports auditing various aspects of Tyler Wren’s site performance, including speed and SEO (search engine optimisation). Then we set about working on both the SEO and digital performance.

Enhancing SEO

Great content is important, but it needs to be written so both Google and humans love it. SEO is the key to ranking your content in the SERPs and driving qualified traffic, and the key here is qualified traffic. There’s no point in ranking for useless keywords, even if you’re #1. You need to rank for competitive keywords that drive real, qualified traffic. 

We set about adding retrospective SEO and internal linking to blog posts. 

Title tags and meta descriptions are both key to driving organic traffic. Or to put it another way, if they’re no good, you can say goodbye to that lovely, free traffic. Existing blogs had either no meta details or the title and meta tags were too long. Google cuts off title tags at 70 characters and meta descriptions at around 150 characters. We added title and meta descriptions, corrected lengths on others and worked on them to compel visitors to click. We added the primary keywords to ensure readers know exactly what the main topic of each blog is. 

Adding internal links

No one wants to be an orphan, and that goes for blog posts. Orphan pages, those without internal links, are bad for SEO. Google assumes that a page with no links from within its own website has no importance. Worse yet, Google may punish the entire website because of their existence. In the past, people tried to hide pages – Black Hat SEO – so Google may see an orphan as a page the web administrator wants hidden. Not good!

On the plus side, a strong internal linking structure can improve crawling and indexing and boost your SEO. Google’s bots regularly crawl the web for fresh content. We added links to existing blogs and pages. If a site has good internal links that connect one article to another, it will be crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engines a lot faster.

We enhanced the images

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “slow and steady wins the race”. Well, that absolutely does not apply to websites and page loading speed. If a site is slow to load, it will impact SEO. For every second a page load time increases, conversion rates decrease. To make the most of free traffic, pages must load quickly. We resized images to improve loading time and we renamed them and added alt tags. Google does not like images without alt text. We therefore updated images with descriptive, relevant alt text.

The outcome: Results and benefits after implementation

Clare  … is our main point of contact when I require any changes on our website, she understands our business needs and the speed that we need things altering to such a level that all I do is send her an email and it is actioned within a short time frame, to what I need.
Lisa Gray, Founder & Partner, Tyler Wren

The team at Tyler Wren are very happy with the polished messaging and website refresh. Website traffic and enquiries have improved. We have seen an increase in sessions, pageviews, users and average session duration. 

Eager to get more content live on digital platforms we have continued to support Tyler Wren’s marketing efforts through the following:

  • Customising forms that integrate pdf downloads and email notifications based on different salary guides per vertical
  • Uploading new search engine optimised content with on-brand imagery
  • Retrospectively adding SEO to existing unoptimised content
  • Keeping staff profiles and photos updated regularly
  • Job search integration
  • Social media graphics

Investing in powerful relationships with our clients is what Woodswork is all about

We’re here to build and support smart, engaging websites and provide ongoing website support services that help businesses grow through high-quality traffic and website engagement. We care about attractive and user-friendly design, deeply.

Check out Tyler Wren, they really are sowing good seeds…

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