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Learning how to write effective blog content is easier than you might think

We have already established that writing a blog for your business is worth the effort because a blog can help to create all kinds of opportunities for your business as you build and expose your brand. You’ll grab the attention of potential customers by offering solutions, tips and tidbits. You’ll gain trust by sharing your expertise and advice. Next you need to know how to write effective blog content.

Writing content for your website blog is going to take an investment of your time. Some people find writing a breeze and others can labour over every sentence. The key is writing content that your target market will find value in. If you think it would be useful, write about it. Keep a list of great, or not so great, post ideas and write what you know with confidence.

Adding search engine optimisation to your blog posts

When you write a blog post it is important to keep in mind that you need to write good content. The content should be as search engine friendly as possible. To help with this, at Woodswork we install a very popular plugin on every site we build. Yoast keeps track of how well you have optimised your post. A simple traffic light system indicates clearly how your posts are doing. Green for ‘good’, orange for ‘ok’ and red for ‘needs improvement’. This system scores the posts SEO and Readability.

Learning How to Write Effective Blog Content

Yoast provides the post with a checklist of items. Once the items are achieved they gain a green dot. It is relatively easy to gain the dots once you understand what you are being asked to do. For example a green dot is awarded for writing more than 300 words which Yoast considers the minimum for an effective post. Other schools of thought recommend 500 and others 1000+. 300 words is fairly short and easily reached surprisingly quickly. The scoring system runs in real time so you can see exactly how you are progressing as you type.

Take the plunge and start a business blog

It’s easy to see why over 7,000,000 sites use Yoast as a tool to help write better content that is SEO and customer friendly too. Taking the plunge to get your business some extra exposure will be worth the effort and there may even be some side benefits. Many people who consistently write blogs claim that they have become better at writing, more articulate and better communicators in general. So knowing how to write better blog content may even spill into other aspects of your business. Win win!

Give it a try and remember…

Search engines love blogs, they help direct traffic to your website
You can get past the blogging block
Call you blog whatever you like Tips, News, Recipes etc
Keep a list of blog topics
Write content that is relevant to your market
Write with confidence about what you know
Share your expertise and increase your credibility
Provide a platform for community engagement
Use a tool like Yoast to help you prepare your posts for SEO

Writing a blog for your business is time well spent, if you don’t have the time or would just rather not, we can help.
Get in touch with us and ask about our blogging services. We can help.

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