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Quality copywriting gets your marketing message heard

We can write your website copy for you.

Written well, web copy will attract visitors and raise your site’s search engine ranking. We all know great design is important, but great web content is essential. Especially if your website is to be found by search engines and then convert visitors into paying customers.

Quality copywriting can mean the difference between a website that works hard for you and one that doesn’t.

There are many things that can help you get traction. Here are some great reasons why it’s a good idea to use a professional.

Effective web copy is our focus

Everyone wants their website to get found on Google. How we achieve this is by using best web practices, excellent site speeds and well-written wording. Google loves original content. Woodswork understands how to create original, informative, well-written web content with keywords and keyphrases in the right places. These are the key ingredients to improving your site’s Google ranking.

Good website content will boost search engine rankings as well as engage visitors and inspire confidence. Writing effective web content is about understanding your audience and crafting content that will be most useful to them. It’s about getting the message right and outlining the benefits of why your product or service is better than that of your closest online competitors.


Visitors always want to know exactly how they will profit from going to you as opposed to anywhere else.
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Your content isn’t an add-on or an afterthought, it’s a tool to help you get traction

Writing effective web copy is time-consuming and quite difficult. Persuasive, keyword-rich copy can be the difference between your website’s success or its lack of traction.

Creating content yourself is certainly doable and we have tips and ideas on how to do this. However, it takes skill and experience to write really great content. Get traction faster by investing in good, proven content creation.

Your website is a business generation tool and it is well worth spending time crafting good quality, user-friendly web copy that gets your site found and encourages visitors to stick around and buy or engage.

Any money you spend on copywriting is an investment. Good content will complement your design and work hard to generate interest and increase inquiries.

Your website is essentially a presentation or a pitch to customers that are yet to be converted. Awkward copy that doesn’t read well, bad spelling and incorrect punctuation can be a bit off-putting. It won’t matter how beautifully designed and mobile responsive your new site is if customers are distracted by the shortcomings.

For well-written copy and affordable web design that your customers will be engaged in, get in touch with us.

Website copy for Auckland businesses

You need website copy from a copywriter that knows and understands the New Zealand market. So, work with someone who is available to discuss your business, listens to you and gets your message out there.

Leave us to write high-quality, results-focused copy for your business, while you focus on the actual business. We’ve written website copy Auckland businesses have been really happy with. Have a look at what they say about our services.

We are expert content creators and not only for the web. We can write any content for any industry.

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See what
our clients
have to say…

We have just launched a new website designed by Woodswork.
Our new website is fresh and modern which is exactly what we asked for. Clare and her team were wonderful to work with always responsive and patient regardless of how challenging we were.
Good new is our sales have increased markedly thanks to the new online shop.

Vickie Mitchell

Eco Trap NZ

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Why work with us?

Meet Rachel, she is an integral part of our Woodswork family. Working closely with our clients, Rachel turns good ideas into smart, clean, business-generating web content and copy.

There is nothing Rachel hasn’t written content about and she has a wealth of experience and knowledge. More importantly, she is happy to share it with you because she knows that’s how to grow your business.

“I ask questions and listen carefully to your answers. Then, we transform your old website or create a new online presence that will get you noticed. You get experienced copywriting, meticulously researched content and a tone tailored to your business.”

Rachel Ellis

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