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Our Process

Get in touch with the North Shore web design company with a trusted process


The Proposal

Together we discuss your website needs and work through some questions to help establish your site requirements.

We will then send you a proposal outlining the site inclusions and costs of the requirements and we may highlight some inclusions you may like to look at in the future. The BLUE arrows in the proposal margin indicate the inclusions you have mentioned you need. Other inclusions we may recommend are marked in another PINK.

We then discuss the proposal and edit it if needed. The price will be a set price based on the elements we agree you need. Once the price is agreed upon any substantial additions to the scope of your project, (such as, extra pages or newsletter subscription), may incur additional costs.

We’re the go-to North Shore web design company and can’t wait to work with you.


Phase 1 Payment

We will send you an invoice for 50% of the total site build. We use Xero for our accounts, so Stripe credit card payments are available on request for a fee of 2.9% + NZ$0.30

Once we have payment we can move to Step 3. 


Wireframe Layout

Woodswork creates a basic a basic diagram called a wireframe to confirm the site requirements, structure and functionality. This requires approval before we start working on your site.

The wireframe is no reflection of the site design, we keep it looking basic on purpose! We use dummy text, called Lorem Ipsum, in some areas of the wireframe to indicate of areas. If it looks like Latin, it probably is!



Woodswork will invite you to a Google Drive folder where we add and share content. We can write your page text, and/or supply page SEO and keywords and we source images if you have none. You are able to supply any content you choose to help us support your brand, such as your logo.

Once your content is finalised and approved we can begin building your site.

Text is to be supplied as individual site pages.
Images at 2000px for full width or 800px for smaller images: jpg, png or pdf files are accepted. We have provided great information on how to create your content in this article.


Website Build

Once all the content is available, we will build your website.

As all site builds have different requirements and budgets, we have structured our build proposal and itemised every cost so that you know exactly what the cost of your site (and any extra inclusions) will be. You don’t pay for anything you don’t need.


Website Approval

When we have finished building your website, you will receive an email with a link to your new work-in-progress website build. The site is not public at this stage. At this point you have the opportunity to ask for edits if any.

The cost of your site includes at least 2 hours of changes, depending on the site build. These can be emailed or sent in a document. Once you are happy with your site, please send us your approval by email.


Phase 2 Payment

We will send you an invoice for the rest of the account, and when payment has been made, we can move to Steps 8 & 9.



During the build and approval stage your site has been hosted on our secure WordPress host, your site has only been able to be viewed by those sent the link. Now it is time for us to point your domain to your new site. Your site is now on the world wide web. Congratulations!



Our online training consists of brief videos and written instructions with screen snapshots. Because it is online, you can always have it on hand and refer to it easily. We break topics in to bite-sized pieces and make them as concise as possible. We can also provide in-person training if you prefer to purchase this option.

Some site owners are trained before their site goes live if they are adding extra content themselves such as products.


Moving Forward

Whether your website is brand new or a replacement, when it goes live, the most important thing to do is drive traffic to it. This will help search engines index your site faster and start improving your SEO rankings immediately. We’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to do this.

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