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Creating a new staff/author bio for AlexanderDorrington

There are 4 steps in the process of creating an author bio.

1. Image optimisation

2. Create user/author

3. Create author page

4. Add bio link on Our People

It’s a good idea to have your content such as text and images ready before you start. They are required when creating the user as they become the profile image shown in the author row on each blog post. Images are saved in several sizes for different uses. This is the optimisation of images, it is important to use the correct size rather than using a larger file for all.

1. Image Optimisation

This is important as we save different file sizes to improve site speed and this is detailed in the video below or more in-depth in our tutorial Optimising images for web. 

File sizes for your staff images:
500 x 750 pixels – for use on individual Staff pages
600 x 700 pixels – for use on About and User pages

2. Create User

Left side bar > Users > Add New > Add the details, Role Author > Add New User
Edit User > Avatar > Upload shorter image > Update User

3. Create Author Page

Left side bar > Divi > Theme Builder

Duplicate a similar profile > Template Settings > Archive pages > Specific author, select the new user > SAVE green button at the top

Custom body, click the pen icon > Add the new staff member content

4. Add Bio Link on Our People

Our People > Enable Visual Builder

Row > Cog > Duplicate column > Edit the duplicate module, Name, Title, Image, Link > Save > Exit visual builder

Check the new link

For more Woodswork Web tutorials head to our Divi Training Tutorials page. Or get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction. You also have a web resources page on your website where you can access all of the Woodswork training and articles etc.

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