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Finding work and business opportunities online

Guest post by
Sarah Bull

The pandemic has no doubt taken a toll on the world economy. Many people have suffered financial losses. But the fog is lifting, and it’s time to take a trip on the information superhighway to find work that allows us to handle new careers, businesses, side hustles and responsibilities from the comfort of our home offices.

There has been a sharp rise in people looking for new job opportunities and many of the new start-up businesses or sideline hustles are operated and owned by women. Sarah Colcord the founder of New Zealand’s largest Facebook Group, Chooice told RNZ journalist Eleisha Foon, “They are not resting on their laurels, they are starting side hustles and new businesses for the first time. About 80 per cent of our Facebook group are women.” Read the article.

Covid has changed how many people work and live, side-hustles have been required to transform into a main income stream.


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Remote work makes sense

If you are a parent, you already know that finding day-care can be challenging and if you are working, even more so. Illness and family commitments can make it exponentially difficult to clock a 9-to-5 career. During COVID, we all learned that we were able to satellite ourselves and our homes became our offices very quickly. Not everyone had that luxury, and many jobs were lost. But there are plenty of remote work opportunities available online, and you can work without punching a time clock if you to work from home.

Remote jobs to consider could be positions in marketing copywriting, proof reading, customer service, or book editing services. If you are looking for new job opportunities, there are plenty of online job portals you can use to find at-home positions. Freelancer, UpWork, and Seek are a few examples.

At Woodswork, our team has always worked from their home offices. So, for us the pandemic was business as usual. We realised there and then how important our structure is and how much flexibility it afforded our clients. We literally had no down time at all and in fact we were busier than ever.

With clients deciding to take their online businesses to the next level, we were able to help them very quickly add extra services they never knew they needed.

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Entering entrepreneurship

If you aren’t quite sure what type of job you would like, but you do know that you want the freedom of working remotely, starting your own business might be a great option. The biggest caveat here is that you must be a self-starter who isn’t afraid of a challenge. 

Marketing is one challenge that many first-time entrepreneurs aren’t fully prepared to face. As an employee, there are other people that promote the product or service that brings your pay check. When you are an entrepreneur and small business owner, it’s up to you. As Coschedule explains, there are many facets that go into marketing, from knowing which product variations you’ll need to how, exactly, to promoting yourself. 

Despite the hurdles, putting a bit of time and effort into getting your name out into the eyes of your potential customers is one of the best ways to help your business get up and running. A great place to start in the digital age is to work with us at Woodswork. We can create a customised website to help take your business online. 

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The benefits of hiring a team of remote freelancers

If you’re looking for a new website, or an update to your existing site, a freelance team of specialists is your best option.

Why? Because freelancers care about what they do. We have to. Our livelihood depends on how much we care, and each and every one of us is directly answerable to clients for our roles in their business growth; this isn’t always the case with a web design company that has full time employed staff. Taking ownership is key. Find out the 5 benefits of using freelancers and how we can help.

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