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Woodswork have created everything from complete sets of resources to individual self published books and covers. Furthermore, we love that children benefit from our book design NZ wide. We are consequently more than happy to help you with any publications you need. As well as that, we can help you understand the jargon of printing.

We’re not just here to help you with your book cover, we can design the inside pages too. Making sure everything is just as it should be and keeping the look and feel cohesive.

We can scan your images, optimise them using Photoshop and as a result they’ll be ready for printing. In addition we can even liase directly with your printer if you’d like us to.

Books deliver the world inside your pages into the hands of others. We can help you do that. We’ll work with you to make sure your hard work gets to where it needs to be: in the hands of the reader.

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Book design and layout

We offer book design NZ wide specialising in the development of innovative, professional book covers and layouts. A beautiful book doesn’t make itself it takes expertise. Therefore, getting it right is about collaboration. From concept to print, we’ll design, develop and work with you to bring your book to life.

Woodswork specialise in educational resources and have worked on some of the most reputable reading recovery resources available in New Zealand. It’s a particular passion of ours to work on educational resources, especially for children. However,  we can assist with material for all ages. We feel that helping to provide an engaging reading experience for children is important. Because being involved in a project that improves the reading abilities of young Kiwis benefits us all.

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Educational resources 

Good book and graphic design provides a glimpse of the story inside. Our cover designs will enhance your book, not overshadow it.

Clear typography and well-designed, well-organised page layouts make a book reader friendly. We pay meticulous attention to your book layout both inside and out.

Whatever your project, Woodswork has the experience. We’ve produced art books, poetry collections, histories, biographies and all kinds of educational resources including interactive e-books.

Woodswork has over 20 years’ experience producing book design NZ and international publishers love. We have produced book covers and layout for MacMillan, Reed, Oxford University Press, Gilt Edge, Interact Curriculum Press, Integrated Education, Iversen Publishing and Tauhinu Productions to name a few. Your book or series will look good today and for years to come.

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