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Sometimes we don’t use an excerpt on a post. Like for example the image above is for recipes and no exerpt is shown so READ MORE makes no sense.

In the links below there is a video and an article link for more information by PEE-AYE Creative.
There is code regarding style Read More in to a button etc and pasted below these links is the code to change the text itself and where to put it.

Read More Blog Button Article

Read More Blog Button Video  

Header Code

Paste the following text in to the Divi > Theme Options > Header Code Panel and you will be a ble to edit the text on this button easily.

jQuery(document).on(‘ready ajaxComplete’, function () { //Replace read more link text jQuery(“.et_pb_post a.more-link”).html(function () { return jQuery(this).html().replace(‘read more’, ‘View Full Post’); }); });

We used a CTA Menu button on the following sites:

Black Earth

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