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WordPress Multisite is a feature which allows users to create a “Network” of subsites within a single install of WordPress. We can add a secondary site to a standard Wordpress website using WP Engine. 

Head to the site on WP Engine > Utilities > Convert to Multisite


convert to multisite

Then head to your site and add a new site…

add new multisite

You will be given the option of subdomain or subdirectory.

For Site Address, choose one word. Do *not* choose something like www.domain.com, because then it becomes www.domain.com.domain.com. A good input example would be dev or subsite2.

Some rules for site addresses:

  • With subdomain Multisites, your subsites are named something.yourdomain.com. Your subsite in subdomain Multisite can be named anything as long as it’s a single word, but we do not recommend naming it “www.”
  • With subdirectory Multisites, your subsites are named yourdomain.com/something. 

We used a Multisite on the following sites:

Tyler Wren UK & NZ Versions

Positive Births

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