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Plugins are great but we can integrate Facebook without one.

As plugins require updating and sometime registration costs we are better off in the long run if we can solve a requirement without one.

Here we show you how to embed a live Facebook feed into your Divi theme or any WordPress website. It’s really easy to do and requires no coding skills. So follow along if you’d like to add a Facebook feed to your Divi or any WordPress website.

Add a text module to your row.
Or you can use a code module if you are using Divi.

Head to the following Facebook Developer link and paste the URL of the Facebook feed you’d like to integrate.


When you’ve added the facebook link and configured the feed the way you want it, click Get Code.

You have two options to add, the easiest is via the iframe option. Then just add the code provided into the Divi code module.

Facebook feed code

Super simple Facebook feed integration

There is a link to a fantastic video on how to do this below.


We used a live facebook feed on the following sites:

Totally Wrapped Signs

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