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Creating animation using InDesign is a great solution if you already have Adobe Creative Suite. Creating an animated pdf is very simple.

There is great video tutorial here by Creative Frontiers.

Getting it to be available on a website is a bit trickier.

My animation using indesign workaround:

Create the animation in Indesign
Video the screen via Quicktime Player to create a MOV file
Open the MOV file in Premiere Pro
Save via Media Encoder

This is a great video on how to do this.

Once that’s done you can upload the video to web.

You can add to the Video Module or the back of a row or section (this seems to give more options) see… HERE

We used animation using InDesign on the following sites:


More about animation

Animation effects in InDesign are largely used to create objects that move in your exported files. A great example is that you can apply a motion preset to an image that makes it seem to fly or float in from any side of the screen. It can even be shrinking and spinning at the same time. It’s a cool feature in the application and it will raise your pdfs to the next level. 

Here are steps on how to achieve it

Animation panel
Apply a motion preset and the edit settings like the duration or speed.

Direct Selection and Pen tools
Edit the path on which the animated object travels.

Decide on the order in which objects on the page are going to be animated.

Preview panel
View the animation in a panel to see how your designs are tracking.

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