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Using a website company that uses a content management system to create your website is a great idea. Because it means that the designer is focusing on the content of your site rather than the infrastructure. 

The tools and settings and features of the CMS are used to create the design rather than written code.

You, as the site owner, are able to access and edit your website pages yourself. This means more money staying in your pocket. And you get the benefit of hundreds and thousands of hours of technical expertise for a fraction of the cost of a code-built website. 

By using a content management system Woodswork can train you to login to your own site and make changes to text and images yourself. Our training is super easy to follow.

The ultimate WordPress page builder

We use a fantastic website page builder that takes WordPress to a whole new level. This builder allows you the ability to edit in real-time, right on the page. So ‘what you see is what you get’ or WSYWIG and you see the results of your changes instantly.

If you decide you don’t like the change you simply exit the module options box without saving. If you make a change you don’t like you can reverse it easily using the History controls. We even have a tutorial specifically about How to Undo Changes.

You are never on your own

Help is an email away and we provide training if you need it as part of our process. Our training is in the way of our online training tutorial library. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to get bogged down in long-winded boring training tutorials! So, we have broken our training down into short mini posts designed to cover one small topic at a time. These are usually as short as 3 to 4-minute videos and are paired with written, step-by-step notes with screen images to help you along the way.

Our training covers the basics and beyond and we are adding to these all the time. Our clients know that if there is something they are not sure of, they can let us know. Then we’ll create a training tutorial specifically covering that topic or direct them to a tutorial that already covers it.

Here’s what our clients say about our training…

“We are a GP service that was requiring a dynamic website that we could update quickly and easily for computer novices.

It has been a pleasure to work on this with Clare and Woodswork. And we’re not feeling quite so novice anymore.”

Woodswork is also able to provide one-on-one training in person at your own location.
Get in touch with us if our way of working sounds like you. 

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