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How to add a WooCommerce simple product to your online store

This is a tutorial specifically for a WooCommerce simple product. If you would like more information on more complex product loads get in touch and we can create training content for you.

In this tutorial we have already prepared the image. Here you can view how to save an image for WooCommerce products.


To begin

To begin adding a new product in your website Login to your website using your user name and password.

Once you are in your dashboard, on the left you will see Products. Select Products > Add New

WooCommerce Simple Product

Name the product

Type in the name field the title you want for the product, this is better to be as brief as possible. If you have a new product for each variation you could add the variation to the title or this can be set up as a selectable dropdown on one variable product.

adding woocommerce products

Adding the long description

If you have lots of detail to cover regarding your product this is added in the field shown below.

product long description

Add the price to your WooCommerce simple product

In the General settings there is the option to not only add the price but also to add a sale price if you have an item on sale.

You can set the Inventory if you have a limited stock number. Setting a 0 stock value will render the product unable to be purchased.

woocommerce price field

Shipping selection

In the Shipping options you can set the class for each product if you choose.

woocommerce shipping

Add a short description

This is a brief description of the product and sits under the title and the price. It will be on the individual product page when the product is clicked on in your shop.

product short description

Add the product image

On the right hand side of your site you’ll see a Product image area. Click on Set product image.

product image settings

Select Upload Files

We have only added one image for this tutorial.
TIP: You can create your images in batches and do them in bulk to streamline this task.

how to upload files to wordpress

Navigate to where your file is saved

You can drag and drop the image files or you can navigate your folders to find your image file on your computer and select it for upload. 

uploading images

Image naming best practice

When importing your images (any images) take time to correctly add the description and alternative (alt) text content. This is generally the same as the file name that you have selected for your product. Or it could also be keywords/phrases on your other pages and posts. 

best naming practices

Adding a product gallery

If you have more than one image of the product such as details or more components etc you can add these via the Product gallery. These will be visible on the single product page not in the shop.

adding a product gallery

Select the category

If you have several kinds or categories of products then we will likely have set these up for you. You can select the correct category for the product and you can add new categories easily directly from withing the product back end.

product category selection

Publish the WooCommerce simple product

Once you’ve finished filling in the fields you are done! Publish the product and View it if you want to see how it looks.

This post has a lot of steps in it but view the video to see how quick it is to do.
Have fun loading your products and get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will be happy to help.

Single product

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