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Freelance web designer Auckland

Freelance design work – it’s yours, you own it

Freelance Web Designers Auckland

White Label Design Services

Woodswork Design is also a white label website design provider to other website development companies.

We provide quality graphic design products for PR, advertising and marketing agencies, publishers and busy web design studios, or anyone else who needs assistance with graphics, layout, web design and website development services.

Freelance Web Designer

We can provide a web development contract service that allows web design companies to outsource graphic design and website development work for their clients.

Our freelance web services are perfect for those crazy busy times when you just don’t want to extend your own studio or take on other permanent web design staff.

We’re proven, we’re affordable and we’re organised. We are the freelance web designer Auckland companies have been calling upon for years when they have need extra design help. 

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Don’t take our word for it.
Read what our clients say…

“For over five years Clare Woods has been designing and delivering outstanding websites for Geek Free Web Design. An extremely creative and capable web developer, she produces unique, innovative designs and positive testimonials about her work have poured in from our clients. 

As part of the web development, Clare works closely with clients and has a wonderful knack of being able to understand what they want for their sites, even when they can’t articulate it so well. Her knowledge of WordPress is vast, enabling her to incorporate wide-ranging functionality into our sites, so clients are consistently very happy with what we deliver.

Clare’s work is detail-oriented, meticulous and she enjoys taking challenges. She is well-organised and over the years with my company, she has proven herself to be very loyal and always discreet. She is more than well equipped to take charge of any sort of web design project you could dream up. Her creativity, design skills and excellent client skills would be very beneficial for any organisation. Clare is very highly recommended.”

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Freelance web designer Auckland

Freelance design work – it’s yours, you own it

freelance web designers northshore

Freelance design work
It’s yours, you own it

Even though Woodswork Design works on the design and build of your clients’ websites, your web development company still owns the work product. As Auckland freelance web designers, we will create work under contract to you. We understand that even though you have outsourced the web and graphic design work to an outside web development service provider, the graphics and designs are still owned by you. Of course only once it’s been paid for.

Any work carried out by Woodswork Design under contract to youis part of your portfolio. It’s yours. And as such, you can incorporate it into your clients’ work in any way you see fit.

Freelance web developers – your hidden treasure

A white label web design partner can be a totally hidden resource. File sharing, design prototyping, testing websites on staging servers will be done without any outside branding. It all looks like work from your web design team.

You can liaise with your clients directly; there shouldn’t be any need for our web development team to interact with them, unless of course you want us to. And you can rest assured that you are safe from any attacks on your client base from us. We don’t do that sort of thing.

However, if you prefer that we look after and drive the web development project, we are happy to liaise directly with your client as temporary members of your web design and development team.

Over 20 years we have worked to create websites, graphics, logos, headers and carried out website testing for many Auckland and New Zealand companies in this capacity.

Outsource your web design, graphics and website testing.

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