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Small business websites for Auckland tradespeople

Every business in every industry needs a website, that’s a given. If you’re in the trades, we know that of all businesses you understand how important it is to have the right tool for the job. The Internet is your biggest marketing tool.  At Woodswork we can help tradies get more leads through professional, polished small business websites for tradespeople designed to get results.

If you’re want to grow your Auckland plumbing, painting, wallpaper hanging, gasfitting, building, electrical, or earthmoving business, then you need a professional and reliable website that is user-friendly and super easy to update yourself – if you want to – using our easy to use content management system.

websites for tradesmen
websites for trades
web design for tradies

Woodswork Web Design are 100% New Zealand owned and operated

You need a website that positions you as an authority in your trade and gives you a strong online presence in your local area. We’re local and we have been working with locals on small business websites since 1999. Everyone in the Woodswork team is local too, just like your business.

Thousands of New Zealanders look online for tradespeople, every single day of the year. To be found by your clients you need to be seen in the right places at the right time, we understand that. 

The design needs to be good enough to convince potential clients to hang around and give you their business. We know about creating results driven-design which is not about just making a pretty website – although we do that, too – it’s about creating a logical user experience.

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Websites that get the job done properly

An effective, snappy looking, easy-to-find website works for you 24/7. Whether you are flat out using your tools, or spending quality time with family and friends, your website is still on the job. 

Digital marketing has changed the game for New Zealand tradespeople. While word-of-mouth recommendations are always going to be important, you need to stand out from your competitors and generate more leads. You ultimately need to be online. It’s easier for clients to feel comfortable about recommending your services if you are well presented.

If you don’t have a website, or your current site isn’t mobile friendly, then your competitors are getting what could well be your business, and we don’t want that.

Nor do you want any off-the-shelf website created by a team based in another time zone and unfamiliar with the way New Zealand operates.

We understand your business, you need local customers 

We’re a hard-working crew of copywriters, graphic designers and online SEO experts, and as a small business ourselves we fully appreciate the challenges you face. 

The team at Woodswork have done the tough mahi alongside local and national businesses, such as plumbers and gas fitters, electricians, builders, concrete layers and landscapers, to name just a few. We’ve been at it for over 20 years and whether you’re a one tradie show or a team, we have a good understanding of the services you offer, and we know how to sell your services to the right market.

We let you do you job by doing ours… understanding how to create small business websites for tradespeople that get results.

We’re a full service shop 

We know how hard you work: invoicing, doing quotes, managing staff, answering calls, as well as getting the work done on time and on (or under) budget. Because we do that too!

When you’re busy working, you don’t need to get dragged into all the different facets involved with creating a web presence. We doubt you have the time, to deal with a website company, a copywriter, an SEO person and a graphic designer. 

From start to finish, we can sort out everything you could possibly need. That’s where we shine, that’s our point of difference. We offer a full-service experience for your business. We’ll display your services on an easy-to-navigate, mobile friendly, secure WordPress website and best of all, we will handle all the boring bits, leaving you to do what you do best.

tradie website
web design for tradesmen
website for tradesmen

Our Woodswork tool box

Woodswork understands what tradespeople need and more importantly, we know what potential clients will expect you to have on your website. 

Let our experienced team take care of everything for you: we’ll design your site, set up your domain name and gmail. We will write your copy for you to approve and arrange your web hosting. If you don’t have a logo, we can take care of that as well. Our graphic design services have got you covered.

What do all businesses need in a website?

You need a site that feels right with your brand, shows your credibility and tells your customers exactly what they need to know and what you can do to help them. 

Your website also needs to be mobile friendly so people can browse it easily. You need a fast loading, great-looking website where everything they want to see is easy to find.

Woodswork creates stand-out, easy-to-navigate websites using responsive designs that work on any device. 

We test across browsers and devices to make the experience the best it can be. We add valuable, relevant, authoritative content to show that you are an expert in your industry. We’ll handle every aspect of the process for you from setup to maintenance and there won’t be any surprises. We can even host, maintain, update, add more content and change your site for you whenever it needs doing. It can’t get any easier than that, can it?

Actually, it can! If you do want to learn to edit your site yourself, we have a full online library of help available 24/7, so you can make any changes any time you like!

tradesmen website design

The classic tradie website content

Small business websites need to show the various ways people can contact you. It needs a list of the services you offer. It also could include some examples of your previous work. It’s always a great idea to show some information about you and your team so people know they’re dealing with real, live humans. 

So, let’s break that all down:

Contact Details

A contact form will make it easy for potential clients to get in touch. People are looking online for your services in your area right now. A form means you will be able to gather specific information if you need to, such as which service they are enquiring about, and which is the best time to call them back. The options are endless.

An auto-opening email link is a great idea as some people don’t want to use contact forms.

Auto-click phone numbers throughout your site mean all people need to do is click and call when using a mobile phone.


A map is useful if you want your customer base to be able to visit your business site easily. We always add a quick link to Google maps on addresses so a customer can click and automatically get directions and we add a map if it makes sense to do so.

Mobile-friendly layout

This makes sure people can use their phone or tablet to browse the web. More and more people are using mobile devices as their main means of research. We can optimise the phone version of your site so that the site speed is super quick. Fewer images and sometimes less content to scroll through in general. We also make sure that there is a quick link to your phone number right at the top of the page so that once they find you, they can call you with the quickest of taps. Really great for trades.

Home page

An engaging home page is vital as you only have a couple of seconds to make the best possible impression. You need an attention-grabbing explanation of your services while focusing on how you can help and what problem you can solve. 


Show examples of previous work in an image gallery or maybe as project portfolios; people love to see what you can do and how your services will relate to them.


Show all your services; you can never have too many things to offer. If it’s something you do that’s different, it may just be the thing that sets you apart from your competitor.

About Us

After the homepage, the “About Us” page is usually the most viewed page. People look to see if you’re real, that they can trust you and whether to take you seriously. It is necessary! Photos of you and your team are a great idea too. It can help for people who like to know who they are expecting to meet.

website design for tradesmen

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