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Social Media Strategy

Social media, by definition, is social.

Social media marketing is all about delivering content with a purpose that moves folk to engage.

What worked in the past on Facebook, for example, may no longer work for your business. You may need to change your way of doing things. We have social media packages that are affordable, sensible, innovative and up to date. 

Times have changed, but we can work with you to develop a new social media plan. Together we’ll showcase your brand through your various platforms and build your brand’s authority.

How? By creating content that will inspire your followers to engage with and share the information and advice from your posts. The days of quantity over quality on Facebook are long gone, so for many, there will need to be a change in social media strategy. Could that be you?

Social media goals – what your site needs

  • A consistent, attractive, up-to-date presence on social media with posts that show you off as the leader in your field that you are.
  • Increased awareness of your brand so your target audience knows your company’s name and thinks of you when they need your product or service.
  • Increased website traffic and sales through traffic driven from your social platforms to your website from useful, relevant and compelling posts and blogs.

And, most importantly, you want to make sure your social media efforts get the best bang for your buck.

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What does our social media strategy offer you?

Well-thought-out, meaningful content with a purpose added to your social media platforms on a regular basis.

Content on current issues, trends, advice, local news and upcoming events all pertaining to your business – targeted, selective publishing –  not just Facebook splatter. You need to spark genuine conversations and interactions with your followers, and we know how to do that.

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Short or long term, we’re there to help

If you need some help just setting up your accounts and changing your approach over a few months, give us a call. We do Facebook & Pinterest revamps. We can do a three-month jump start, or we can manage your social media strategy long term. It’s up to you.

A successful social media strategy focuses on driving awareness and traffic.

As dynamic as custom content can be on Facebook, it is not enough all by itself. In April, 2018, when offering advice to small businesses on how to survive Facebook changes, Forbes magazine stated that
Facebook should be considered as an important supplement to your overall social media marketing strategy. Sharing content exclusively on Facebook will no longer bring sustainable results to your business”.
Want to get out there without spending an ever-increasing amount on Facebook advertising? Post across multiple platforms. To increase your social outreach, your engagement component, talk to us about promoting your company and products through both Facebook and Pinterest. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the changes. 

Let us update & maintain your social presence.

How is your current social media strategy working for you? All good?
We have social media packages that are affordable, sensible, innovative and up to date. 

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