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Little Book of Answers

Iversen Publishing – Reading Resources 60 Titles 

Book Design

The Little Book of Answers series is a set of 60 factual childrens educational resource books. The series is levelled with the levels indivated with colours from magenta to yellow. The books in this series cover ten themes, five science themes and five social studies themes, and there are six books in each of these themes. Each book in a theme starts with one of the following words – WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY or HOW. The text provides the answer or answers to the question posed in the title of the book.

The Little Book of Answers teach students how to –
•  ask and answer relevant questions
•  read text to interpret and answer specific questions
•  use captions and labels to increase the students comprehension of the text
•  use visual literacy tools and features to enhance comprehension further
•  think critically about a topic

The Little Book of Answers is supported by teacher support materials.
These teacher support materials include a lesson plan for each book, with before, during and after reading suggestions. The lesson plans guide teachers through each lesson and provide students with activities. Also included are two masters to be photocopied for students to complete after reading each book.

The books are photography rich and Woodswork were retained to complete the photography research on each title. Various photographic library resources were utilised and the client also had an enormous catalogue of images from pervious resources available.